why local

imagine you’re a small business ….

let’s say you’re that local hardware store in the neighborhood.

you work hard day in and day out.

take great pride in your store, years of experience, and vast knowledge.

you offer a wide variety and selection.

you’re respected and trusted.

your customer service is top notch.

but your price …. well, it’s certainly not the lowest….

you can’t afford the fancy sunday flyers or the tv commercials

and your store….well it’s not connected to a whole line of other convenient big box stores..

and you’re not one of those one-stop-shops where people can get some wood screws, a gallon of milk, some fritos, and a pair of socks all in one purchase…

but you do represent the local community – not some corporate franchise

and you’re able to focus and specialize – bringing more value to customers – rather than a crapshoot of hardware, dairy, junk food, and clothing.

not to mention … a greater percentage of the money spent in your store actually stays within your community

the same goes with our food

when we vote with our food dollars to stay local and buy from a farmer that we know and trust, we’re supporting and strengthening our community.

we always have that choice

to buy from the big box store or to support that local farmer and buy into their csa program and/or buy from them at market.

on average, only 18 cents of every dollar actually reaches the grower when we purchase from a large supermarket…..leaving 82 cents going to the various middlemen.

added benefit….

it’s fresher!

on average, most produce in the u.s. is picked 4 to 7 days before sitting on the supermarket shelves and travels approximately 1500 miles before being sold.

(and that’s just the produce grown here in the states — imagine how much further the produce travels when being imported from mexico, asia, canada, south america, and so on.)


support local – buy local – eat local