why organic

we need to value food again….

real food – not cheap, processed, “everything’s made from corn” food….

 but actual real food that you can identify – can pull from the earth

when you support organic, here’s what you’re signing up for…..


  • food that is free of chemicals and pesticides — very harmful toxins that lead to cancer, birth defects, food allergies, behavioral issues, autism, and much more
  •  meat and poultry that is raised in a respectful environment – free of confinement
  • crops that are grown in healthier, biologically active soils – resulting in produce that is higher in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other key nutrients
  • food free of genetic-engineering — which means — you’re staying away from the risks and baggage that can occur with g-e produce – research shows that even the slightest genetic modification in our food, can result in unexpected human risks and complications
  • meat/poultry/dairy/eggs that are free of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics — healthy animals raised in healthy conditions = healthier food for your and your family
  • promotion of biodiversity, water conservation/quality/safety, and healthier soils vs. conventional farming systems that rely on chemicals and synthetic pesticides

bottom line …. you’re signing up for health