summer csa

partnering with your local farmer….

accepting both the risks and rewards of the season…

is an amazing, community-based relationship

one that we don’t take lightly

but sometimes, csa’s can be overwhelming for people

for some….it’s too much food, which equates to too much waste

and for others, it’s just the right amount of food for their families

we’ve been working on ways to best fit the needs of the community that surround us, while maintaining the purpose behind  and the importance of the csa model

we offer weekly (full shares) and every other week (mini shares) options for your convenience

we also conduct post-season surveys as well as pre-season surveys to stay connected with our membership’s interests


here’s an overview of our csa program:


1.  csa membership for 2014 is capped and is available on a first-come basis

  • memberships available first to current 2013 membership, then waiting list, then to the public (nov 1st)
  • $50 deposit required upon membership/deducted from balance
  • available memberships remaining:  0 of 100 (SOLD OUT FOR 2014)
  • WAITING LIST AVAILABLE for 2014: Email (Please do not fill out this form)

2.  payment plan is available in two installments

  • half due april 1st, half due june 1st


3.  csa will run 18 weeks, june-october with pick ups on tuesday (select sites) and thursday (select sites)


4.  for your convenience, there are 6 pick-up sites in and around the cities

  • south minneapolis = blue ox coffee company (thursday 230p-7p pick up / some next day flexibility)
  • st paul = mississippi market (7th street location) (thursday 3p-9p pick up)
  • northeast minneapolis = eastside food co-op (thursday 3p-9p pick up)
  • northfieldbossy acres farm (tuesday 12p-6p pick up / some flexibility available)
  • burnsville = valley natural foods co-op (tuesday 130p-9p pick up)
  • minnetonka = pairings food & wine market (tuesday 2p-9p pick up)


5.  weekly shares vs every-other-week shares:

  • full shares are $600 (5/9 bushel box in early spring, then 3/4 bushel box delivered weekly)
  • mini shares are $350 (5/9 bushel box in early spring, then 3/4 bushel box with 2 weeks between deliveries)


6.  all memberships will have access to recipes, storage tips, veggie identifier, harvest newsletters, potlucks, field days, tours, culinary herbs, real-time delivery updates via twitter, and u-picks.


7.  csa add-on partners include (additional information, package options, etc. will be made available by the new year):


8.  we’ll be growing much of what’s on this list

(aside from perennial berries, asparagus, burdock, okra, gourds, and horseradish)


9. keeping in mind that every season is different in its way, click here to see what the share boxes looked like for 2013


10. bossy’s community share fund:

  • we believe that everyone should have access to fresh, local, chemical-free food
  • if able and willing, we welcome your donations to help off-set these costs
  • the amount donated determines how many families we’re able to assist
  • to make a donation, please indicate that in the text box below and include with your payment
  • we will also be accepting donations from non-members – see community share fund tab
  • thank you for bridging that gap and making a difference in our community

please make checks out to bossy acres

memo to include:  full or mini

send to:

bossy acres, llc
po box 7250
minneapolis, mn 55407-1715